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We are Ghaziabad based advertising agency offering you ad services through radio or TV. We provide various advertising solution through these medium to target maximum audience.  Radio and TV ads have become popular now a day as with these medium, your message can be delivered to the target audience in the best possible manner. You can reach to the target audience very instantly by advertising through Radio and TV.

Why the demand of advertising through Radio and TV is increasing?

The impact of audio video on human psychology is most powerful as your marketing message can be communicated through this form of promotion very effectively. There are many advantages of Radio and TV advertising.

Both form of promotion leaves a long lasting impact on the target audience. Classic Advertising Group uses powerful strategy and plans to make Radio and TV ads more effective which help in leaving more powerful impression on the audience mind. We provide broadcast advertising in India including Indian TV commercial ads, TV ads on local channels of India.

Why radio advertising?

  • Radio advertising sales with intimacy.
  • Radio advertising sales with immediacy.
  • Radio advertising sales everywhere.
  • Radio advertising is the cost effective medium.
  • Radio advertising escapes advertising’s clutter.
  • You’re always on the front page with radio advertising.
  • Radio advertising is an active medium in an active society.
  • Radio advertising target maximum audience at the same time.

Why TV advertising?

Advertising through TV is the most effective medium as combination of text, images, sound and motion leaves powerful impression on the customer’s mind.

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