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Packaging is going to experience a significant change over the next decade, as digital printing rises from niche applications to become the standard for all types of packaging converters. Digitally printed labels have been improving workflow that enables an innovative method of marketing, which is faster in getting products to market for years now, but other substrates have been slower to start with.

However, in 2016, brand owners across the globe are willing to invest significant resource and finances into their planning strategies and digital packaging strategies. The technology now exists to produce high quality packaging using various formats and other printing stuffs on digital press. The year 2016 will see more digitally printed packaging on retail than ever before.

There is, however, a challenge that brand owner community is still facing; that is: how to leverage this technology to mint profits using new marketing drives; how to use the power of digital print to build stronger client-vendor to create a loyalty quotient from the new generation of shoppers. This conference will expose the old hypothesis, which will not only get grip the technology, but with the use of illustrative brand new case studies make brand owners and converters benefit alike by making digital print a vital part of your business planning.

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